6-8 Yard Containers

Our Hybrid 6 and 8-yard trash bins are ideal for your heaviest applications.  Restaurants, schools, and food waste recycling programs are just a few applications that have heavy, wet, and odorous waste.  The WRP Containers 6 and 8-yard container body won’t rust, even in the wettest applications.  The inside of the plastic Hybrid is smooth, so garbage wont bind when dumping – this minimizes odors and the critters that the smells attract.  Our 6 and 8 yard Hybrid containers are designed with bottom reinforcements so they can handle the large loads without sagging or warping.  The containers come in Flat Top and Slant models so there is a Hybrid that can meet all your collection needs.

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6 Yard Hybrid Flat Top details


6 Yard Hybrid Slant Container details


8 Yard Slant Hybrid Container details


8 Yard Flat Hybrid Container details

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Not only do we offer the most extensive line of hybrid commercial containers used in the industry but our container designs are also the most versatile allowing for customization to suit the customer needs. Search our wide range of products to see what best suits your needs and contact us today!

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