WRP Containers produces Rotationally Molded Hybrid Front, Rear, and Side load containers in 2,3,4,6,7, and 8 Cubic Yard sizes. Our Hybrid trash bins have a plastic body that will not rust and is dent resistant paired with metal pockets, metal lid hinge and metal caster plates in high stress areas to withstand the rigors of trash, recycling, and food waste hauling. Lighter, quieter and maintenance free–Get more life out of your commercial trash dumpster.

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2-3-4 Yard Containers

The lightweight WRP Containers Hybrid 2, 3, and 4-yard trash bins are ideal for your most difficult roll-out applications. The Hybrid line is rotationally molded from MDPE plastic and has steel reinforcements in high impact areas this makes them tough enough to handle your daily pick-ups. The Hybrid containers save you money, by not needing frequent weld repairs and repainting like metal containers. The Hybrid containers won’t rust and are dent resistant, increasing their service life and reducing maintenance expenses. Do you have noise sensitive routes? The Hybrid containers are up to 50 dB quieter than comparable steel containers. This allows for earlier collections times and greater flexibility in route scheduling.

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6-8 Yard Containers

Our Hybrid 6 and 8-yard trash bins are ideal for your heaviest applications.  Restaurants, schools, and food waste recycling programs are just a few applications that have heavy, wet, and odorous waste.  The WRP Containers 6 and 8-yard container body won’t rust, even in the wettest applications.  The inside of the plastic Hybrid is smooth, so garbage wont bind when dumping – this minimizes odors and the critters that the smells attract.  Our 6 and 8 yard Hybrid containers are designed with bottom reinforcements so they can handle the large loads without sagging or warping.  The containers come in Flat Top and Slant models so there is a Hybrid that can meet all your collection needs.

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Rear Load, Side Load and Compactor

Our Hybrid compactor containers are compatible with most tipper style compactors.  Most compactor containers need to be moved by hand prior to dumping.  The Hybrid Compactor containers are up to 50% lighter than comparable steel containers, minimizing user injuries.  They are also substantially quieter, so residents won’t complain about the noise when the containers are towed and dumped.  The Hybrid container body won’t rust and are easily cleaned, so they will look like new for years to come. The WRP Containers 2-yard Hybrid Sideload container is tough enough for every application. The sideload hooks are made from heavy gauge steel and are attached to undercuts in container. This design allows the container to easily handle the stresses experienced during collection. Our Hybrid container is much lighter and quieter than comparable steel containers, reducing resident noise complaints.

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