2-3-4 Yard Containers

The lightweight WRP Containers Hybrid 2, 3, and 4-yard trash bins are ideal for your most difficult roll-out applications. The Hybrid line is rotationally molded from MDPE plastic and has steel reinforcements in high impact areas this makes them tough enough to handle your daily pick-ups. The Hybrid containers save you money, by not needing frequent weld repairs and repainting like metal containers. The Hybrid containers won’t rust and are dent resistant, increasing their service life and reducing maintenance expenses. Do you have noise sensitive routes? The Hybrid containers are up to 50 dB quieter than comparable steel containers. This allows for earlier collections times and greater flexibility in route scheduling.

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Not only do we offer the most extensive line of hybrid commercial containers used in the industry but our container designs are also the most versatile allowing for customization to suit the customer needs. Search our wide range of products to see what best suits your needs and contact us today!

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